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MIZOO @ Live Love Create 5 | Paris - 6 June 2014

MIZOO @ Live Love Create 5 | Paris - 6 June 2014

Gagarin Project is pleased to present this fifth episode of LIVE LOVE CREATE on Friday, June 6 in Paris for a night event from 22h to 5h.   [...]

[ Passages ] reviews

[ Passages ] reviews

Here’s a first selection of media reviews for Nova compilation. Read on...    [...]

MIKE DEHNERT - Lichtbedingt (Delsin Records)

MIKE DEHNERT - Lichtbedingt (Delsin Records)

Three years after his last full-length album on Delsin, tireless techno producer Mike Dehnert is back with Lichtbedingt, exploring broken bass, swinging house and beatless electronic experimentalism   [...]

Nova interviewed by Paul Jury | Morpheus Music

Nova interviewed by Paul Jury | Morpheus Music

Massimo Terranova interviewed by Morpheus Music on the occasion of the release of his latest compilation [ Passages ].    [...]

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