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Miktek interviewed by Kasia @ ASHOKA

Miktek interviewed by Kasia @ ASHOKA

Kasia from Polish blog Ashoka asked MIKTEK to share his thoughts on inspiration, live performance, the Greek cultural legacy…    [...]

Lars Leonhard | Interview on Dekompress

Lars Leonhard | Interview on Dekompress

Praketh Sunder aka BlueOrb recently interviewed German composer Lars Leonhard for his DIY portal DEKOMPRESS which has just been re-launched.  Lars talks about his collaboration with NASA,   [...]

CYGNA [ Opus Ena ] | Ultimae reissue

CYGNA [ Opus Ena ] | Ultimae reissue

Ultimae is pleased to present the re-mastered version of Cygna’s first album [ Opus Ena ] with brand new artwork by photographer Tümer Genctürk. A must for   [...]

12k releases available in our shop

12k releases available in our shop

We are pleased to introduce you to Pound Ridge-based music label 12k with a selection of records now available in our shop. With over one hundred releases   [...]

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