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SYNC24 - [ Source ] - ( Ultimae | 2007 )

CD Digipack 3 parts - 16 sheets booklet

SYNC24 is the solo project by Daniel Ringström from renowned ambient downtempo band Carbon Based Lifeforms. After releasing a number of tracks on various compilations, here is his debut album, a pure immersion into gentle and drifting sounds, hypnotic electronica at the edge of minimalism.

Discover [ Source ] like an environmental concept album, soundtrack for inspired moments, sonic background to a quiet way of life. In 11 eclectic phases, SYNC24 slowly but surely captures ones attention and calls for repeat. Step by step, layers of listening experiences and secret perceptions will unfold.

This album is a world apart, once can glide over its surface or submerge within its deep intimist music. An ambient gem that time will sculpt.
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