[ Hanging Masses ]

CELL - [ Hanging Masses ] - ( Ultimae | 2009 )

CD Digipack 3 parts + 16 sheets booklet

Since his first release on Ultimae's Fahrenheit Project compilation in 2001, French electronic music artist Alexandre Scheffer has been making quite a name for himself under his alias CELL with many compilation features, a first album with Indica and several live digital recordings.

[ Hanging Masses ] is an elegant and stylish album in which the various components flow together smoothly as part of carefully crafted compositions. CELL infuses his music with warm melodic bass lines, overlapping pads and gentles pulses creating a sense of perpetual motion.The album is made of 8 long tracks and features a collaboration with Vincent Villuis aka AES Dana on Switch Off.

Created with a wide array of composition tools, from the old analog synthesizers to the state of the art of new technologies, [ Hanging Masses ] delivers rich and ample soundscapes and constitutes in the artist's heart a homage to Brian Eno, Tangerine Dream and Steve Reich.

Design by David Vineïs aka Sub88. Mastering by Huby Sea and Vincent Villuis at Ginger Hill Studio.
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