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Neo Ouija was founded by Lee Norris (aka Metamatics, Norken and Nacht Plank) in 2000 and released more than thirty records until the end of 2005. With influences ranging from Detroit Techno to Modern Classical music, the releases on the german imprint always shared a melancholic, yet playful vibe. Over the years, Neo Ouija released critically acclaimed debut-albums by artists like Xela, Sense and Deru. Other great issues were released on the label by such musicians as Apparat, Funckarma and Metamatic + Clatterbox.

After a 3-year hiatus, Diaspora: Cottage Industries 5 marks the return of the pioneering electronic music label Neo Ouija. Lee Norris has handed the label over to his friend Martin Hirsch but the mission remains the same: “We release music we care about without chasing after passing fads”.

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