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100DSR/VAR5 – Various Artists (Delsin) – Vinyl
100DSR/VAR5 - Various Artists (Delsin) - Vinyl



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All good things must come to an end and so it is that the landmark series of EPs from Delsin wraps up with instalment 5. The last part of the 100th release celebratory jigsaw comes from BNJM, Delta Funktionen, Herva, Bleak and John Beltran. It’s a great final chapter that completes the story of the label by offering timeless and melancholic sounds from a wide spread of genres.

First is the murky underwater ambiance of BNJMN‘s Dive which ripples and echoes beautifully before Delta Funktionen‘s Petrol offers up far more raw and angry sounds in a heavyweight, spitting electro mould.

Radio Mutterings sounds just like that, with skittish frequencies, bristling white noise and only the most feint traces of melody anywhere within earshot.

On the flip side, one Swedish techno’s finest, Bleak, unravels some steely techno loops and underpins them with a thick bed of rubbery kick drums and the final word on this excellent series comes from ambient auteur John Beltran.

His Return to Nighfall has bristling hi hats coated in angelic and harmonic pads and eventually takes off on a well-padded beat. It’s the sort of thing that stays with you long after its finished playing, much like the Delsin label as a whole.


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