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36 Void Dance (3six Recordings) – CD
36 | Void Dance (3six Recordings) - CD36 | Void Dance (3six Recordings) - CD

Void Dance


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“I’m pleased to present the new 36 album Void Dance. Strings and synths dance in union, creating a vibrant sound-stage, that envelops your ears and launches your brain into orbit. It’s a melodic, ultra-atmospheric record, and I want the music to stay in your head, long after the sound ends. It’s a result of 6 years experimentation really, taking cues from what I learned in my previous work, understanding what resonated the most, perfecting my production methods, and hopefully amalgamating everything into something quite unique. It’s quite an intense listen at times, but one that hopefully retains the warm, melancholic glow I always strive to achieve, even at it’s most darkest. Give it a listen and see where it takes you.”36


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