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Originally conceived for the Korzo production Hide and Seek by choreographer Iván Pérez.

Rutger Zuydervelt (Machinefabriek):

In 2012, choreographer Iván Pérez asked me to work on a score for a dance piece of his called “Hide And Seek” in collaboration with the great Aaron Martin. I don’t think he knew at that point that Aaron and I had worked together previously (on “Cello Drowning,” an EP released on Type in 2007). Living in the US, Aaron started recording parts and sending them to Iván and me. Then, I would use his recordings to build the score: processing them, editing them, adding sounds, etc..

The tracks on the “Seeker” album are basically the refined versions of the first sketches we made, trying out how our sounds would blend, and what directions and atmospheres could be used in the dance performance. After that, these tracks were morphed into one long collage, tailored to the choreography. This final score is added to the album as a digital bonus.

Aaron Martin:

Iván Pérez had used some of my solo work in a previous dance piece of his called “Kick the Bucket” and Rutger and I have been in touch since the release of my debut album “Almond.” Rutger and I met briefly after I performed in Amsterdam in 2009, but the creation of “Hide and Seek” gave us an opportunity to continue our work together and to spend a bit more time in person leading up to the premiere in The Hague. During rehearsals, we both agreed that creating an album version with separate tracks along with the long-form version that was used for the actual dance piece was the right approach. My time in Holland was a formative experience and the resulting album “Seeker” is something that I continue to remember fondly. I am eager to finally share this music with listeners.