Dimensional Exploration 001

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ACRONYM | Dimensional Exploration 001 – EP

Dimensional Exploration 001


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” The first release on Dimensional Exploration is also the first solo EP from Stockholm-based techno producer Acronym. For now at least, information regarding both is scarce, but the fact that this record was mastered by Neel—who’s known as Voices From The Lake with Donato Dozzy, and has an impressive resume as a mastering engineer—should give you a good idea of what to expect. This is deep techno, the sort of stuff aimed at those heads (and DJs) patient enough to play the long game.

“Amoeba” has more than ten minutes to itself on the A-side, and it’s a marvel of simplicity, thanks to its subtle atmospherics and a ceaseless array of ticking hi-hats and reverb-drenched dub stabs. On the flip, “Protista”‘s glimmering chords give some contrast to the rest of the record, but it feels a little more conventional—and less distinctive. Although only slightly faster than the others, “Eukariota” is easily the most thrilling thing here, with beat patterns that sound like a locomotive rushing across a dark landscape. I don’t know who Acronym is, but he certainly seems to be on the right track with this one. “

Brian Kolada | Resident Advisor


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