Exile And The New

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ADAMO GOLÁN | Exile And The New (Kingdoms) – LP
ADAMO GOLÁN | Exile And The New (Kingdoms) - LP

Exile And The New


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Fis starts the proceedings, introducing drones and field recordings and enveloping the listener in Golán’s distinct sound world. Just Friends merges distant snapshots of disembodied vocals with granular sound design and a sense of both space and creeping claustrophobia simultaneously. It’s an approach the young producer has mastered – Replica maintains an ambience of the deeply personal and a wider, hazy focus, realised via exquisite melodic fragments against a backdrop of pads and chiming electronics.

Title track Exile And The New unfolds around another cinematic world scored via a single stringed instrument, static interference and oceans of space. Lie to Me brings a piano refrain to the fore, wrapped in luscious ambience and more fragments of a conversation heard through the rain. Then Rely On Me slowly develops out of a haunting atmosphere and finds an uneasy but strangely beautiful flow, before The Hungry Years closes out the album as it started – floating in space.

The 26-year-old artist Adamo Golán sees the album as a journey that should captivate but never impose itself on the listener. It´s a gracious and neighborly invitation to dive in, get lost and explore its facets and peculiarities.

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