Notch Fields

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AKSUTIQUE | Notch Fields (Diametric.) – Vinyl
AKSUTIQUE | Notch Fields (Diametric.) - Vinyl

Notch Fields


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Aksutique is the moniker of Matthias Springer for his deep ambient techno, dub techno and downbeat productions. Matthias has released several productions over the years, ranging from techno to chill out music under different names. The Notch Fields EP is the first vinyl release for Aksutique and features 3 tracks of aquatic dub influenced deepness that sucks you right into its maelstrom of endless echoes, synth swirls, noises and reverberated chords. ‘Echolot‘ for example is a pure intense submarine cinematographic infinite journey that takes you into the depths and never lets you free again. The record features an additional dark and electronic rework by Valanx aka Arne Weinberg that drenches the original in eerie voices, electronic sounds and deep bass. Not for the faint hearted.


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