Isolation Diaries

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ALEJANDRO MOSSO | Isolation Diaries (Third Ear Recordings) – 2xLP

Isolation Diaries


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Isolation Diaries is Argentinian producer Alejandro Mosso’s 2nd album. It comes more than ten years after his debut, Hiperborea in 2005.

The album’s title comes from the artist’s decision to distance himself from the world of electronic music and from his usual routines, to find a clarity of vision and purpose that would allow him to reach new vistas of artistic expression and emotional depth in music. He also consciously tried to bring the young, free, naïve and impulsive spirit of his earliest forays into music making, together with the experience, structure and professionalism that he has learned and harnessed in more recent times.

He says “I think the album is warm, emotive and nostalgic but not dark nor sad. It is percussive and melodic but not laid back and Balearic. It is tribal and organic but still very precise”, as only electronic music can be. Voluntarily imposing a set of parameters and strategies can often be liberating. This is very evident in this music, which feels very unselfconscious and free. The grooves are strong and infectious and the sounds are rich and satisfying, resulting in music that sounds very organic and unpremeditated. Which means Alejandro Mosso very successfully achieved what he set out to do.