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ALTSTADT ECHO | 1913 (Modern Cathedrals) – EP



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Product Description

In the fourth Modern Cathedrals release, Altstadt Echo crafts three original works with a focus on experimentation with broken beat structures and grainy percussive texture, against a backdrop of austere atmospheres. Varg contributes a remix that emphasizes the despairing tones of “The Descent,” contrasted with glistening treble percussion and and stumbling bass. To end the release, Evigt Mörker offers an extended hypnotic version of the track that slowly develops from a functional framework into an atmospheric drift.

The thematic aspects of the release follow the development of Modern Cathedrals as a label, expressing existentialist themes centered around the search for meaning in a life that forbids it. The label art features photographs of the beautiful remains of one of Detroit’s many unused churches.