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ALVA NOTO | Univrs (Raster-Noton) – CD
ALVA NOTO | Univrs (Raster-Noton) - CD



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Alva Noto’s Univrs follows on from and develops the concept of the album Unitxt. Whereas the focus of Unitxt was on the processing of rhythmic patterns (“unit” = unit of measurement, element) and information (“txt” = data, language), with Univrs the focus is on the conceptual differentiation of a universal language (“universum/universal” = unity, entirety).

The 14 tracks of Univrs have evolved from a live context, hence the approach is more continuous and dense. for the track ‘uni acronymAlva Noto works again with the French voice artist Anne-James Chaton. The track is based on a number of 208 three-letter acronyms (set in alphabetical order) creating a random narrative. a video for this track is to be released soon.

The audio-visual performance of Univrs is based on the real-time manipulation of software-generated test images by audio signals. A customised hardware box, unitxt, box triggers the video signal according to the value of the audio signal. The resulting colour patterns change constantly without repititon.


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