An Anthology Of Noise & Electronic Music #3 | Third A-Chronology 1952-2004

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An Anthology Of Noise & Electronic Music #3 | Third A-Chronology 1952-2004


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This 3rd volume continues to show all the aspects of electronic music from the early beginning until now – including 2 pieces of historical concrete music (of the 70’s), several piece of American tape music (Columbia University) with a special focus on all the electronic music from Germany – WDR early works – krautrock – electronic from 90’s… Also featuring some recent work of the greatest noise artists + several unsung electronic pioneers …

Sub Rosa‘s anthologies of electronic dissonance and unanchored clatter don’t pretend to serve as comprehensive overviews. They host a good few of the composers who, from the mid-1900s on, have divorced “music” from traditional notions of rhythm and melody, thus coaxing it closer to the random bangs, cries and chimes of the great outdoors, but, of course, a lot gets left out. They’re best digested as tutorials on how to divine compelling art from seemingly random patterns of sonic cues. Make these tracks welcome in your own head – make your own sense of them – and you may prepare yourself to boogie to the no-cover “noise” show that awaits at every downtown crosswalk.