Mistress 12

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ANTHONY ROTHER | Mistress 12 (Mistress Recordings) – EP

Mistress 12


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DVS1 about Anthony Rother:

“After I picked “Technic Electric” for the MIX CD, I also invited Anthony to do his electro live show on the release night for my Fabric mix. Once we personally had a chance to connect, the wheels were in motion for him to send over a collection of jams and tracks that he had not shared with anyone. After listening, I quickly discovered more tracks that immediately stood out to me, and I knew I had to release this on Mistress. In my opinion, Anthony Rother is one of the pioneers of a sound that represents pure electronic music. Machine muscle, emotional energy, and perfect sonics. I’ve been playing his records for over 20 years and finally have the honor to release two records that I’m extremely proud of and excited to share with the world.”