Collapse EP

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APHEX TWIN | Collapse EP (Warp)
APHEX TWIN | Collapse EP (Warp) - CDAPHEX TWIN | Collapse EP (Warp) - CD

Collapse EP


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Product Description

Aphex Twin aka The Duke Of Rave and The God of Electronic Music (depending which time of night it is) returns once again with the Collapse EP, a five tracker hailing from the underground. Its five tunes chew up notions of exhilaration with life-affirming abundance, high hats and sauntering arrangements, brain-scrambling noise and much much more, all cloaked in an absolutely jaw-clenching sleeve design from Weirdcore.

Make no mistake, Collapse EP hits on every single level imaginable, marking both new ways forward for every future style going, from footwork to electro-dub it even finds time to throw in some of the most stomach-churning darkside pads imaginable. 

Where previous Aphex records have been like standing in a power station on acid, Collapse EP is what happens when you fall through the floor and land in the basement club, soundsystem going off and one of the very best there ever was/is/will be behind the decks.

Joy and happiness lies ahead, Collapse EP is here… fall into its wonderment!