Olympos 05

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APHRODITE | Olympos 05 (Olympos) – EP

Olympos 05


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Product Description

The consistently great Olympos series reaches its fifth installment with none other than Aphrodite on the credits. The goddess of love is a marquee booking in this celestial scene, so expectations for the beats she yields are high.

Aligenis makes for a strong opening statement as lysergic layers of effects processing and sound design writhe around a snaking techno backbone. Enalia nudges down into a more subterranean sound without losing that attention to detail, before Morpho swerves towards electro-flavoured beats without breaking the shroud of mystery and studio proficiency at work elsewhere on the EP. Pitho possibly saves the best til last – a simmering, subliminal ride through atmospheric percussion for the Dozzy-devotee crowd to get lost in.