Falling Into The Light

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ARTEFAKT | Falling Into The Light (Delsin) – EP

Falling Into The Light


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Product Description

Dutch live-act and DJ duo Artefakt return to Delsin Records with an intricately produced three track release entitled Falling Into The Light.

Real names Robin Koek and Nick Lapien, the duo began releasing music together as Artefakt in 2012 and now boast a discography spanning Field Records, Konstrukt and Deep Sound Channel, not to mention regular appearances on Delsin where their debut album entitled Kinship dropped last year. Returning to Delsin, the pair’s next outing once again demonstrates their ever-evolving sound and is an exciting precursor for the launch of their own label later this year.

Rolling drums open the release in The Blue Hour as murky synths join hazy atmospherics, making way for Weltformel with its racing syncopated percussion and ethereal pads that ebb and flow throughout the mix. Finally, Falling Into The Light combines springy kicks with crystalline melodies, metallic elements and rattling effects to conclude a mesmerising release.