Winter EP

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ARIL BRIKHA | Winter EP (Kompakt) – EP

Winter EP


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Re-release of the record originally released on 2007-02-12.

A long awaited dream comes true. Aril Brikha has made a new record. And that this is being released on Kompakt doesn´t make us only very happy, but also a little bit proud. Because despite of Aril´s fame, his output is quite thin on the ground. There have only been 5 releases of him yet. One on Fragile. Two on Transmat. One on Absoluttracks and one on Music Man. Most of them already have the classics status. On this Winter EP there is no new Groove la Chord, but still: What these two tracks are doing to the dancefloor has scarcity value nowadays: There is a lot of smiling, jumping and kissing. Therefore we give him the order of merit. Thank you Aril!