The Killing Cloud

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ASC | The Killing Cloud (Fracture) – EP

The Killing Cloud


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Since its beginnings, Fracture has followed the formula of releasing upcoming and interesting newcomers, people they believe in, to get them remixed by more established artists. Things are different this time, with a new record featuring veteran ASC, and a rework by legendary duo Orphx.

ASC made his first appearance last year on Fracture, remixing the newcomer Ombossa. The San Diego based electronic music producer comes back on the French label in 2017 with two fresh tracks that show him going further into his exploration of techno soundscapes.

The Canadian duo Orphx doesn’t need to be presented. They have been responsible for some of the most interesting techno records in recent years. In their hands, Dissolve becomes a frantic and outthere trip of almost 10 minutes.