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ASC | Zone Of Avoidance (Veil) – EP

Zone Of Avoidance


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James Clements’ music as ASC exists in different spaces. For instance, there’s the techno ASC, the Autonomic drum & bass ASC, the ambient ASC, plus plenty of crossover in between. Clements’ Auxiliary sub-label, Veil, which has put out intriguing ASC material alongside tracks from Sam KDC and Synkro, has been a fertile place for this diversity. Veil returns after a two-year hiatus with one of Clements’ most varied solo records so far. There’s the rumbling rhythms of “Crystal Moon,” the passive beat of “Astral Dreaming” and the ambient but rhythmic “Carrier Signal,” where melodies seem to stand still and flow at once. Timpani drums strike occasionally, as the track flutters like a leaf in the wind.

“Crystal Moon,” meanwhile, is a sterling example of Clements’ beguiling brand of techno, with sizzling hi-hats, a powerful bassline and billowing chords that give it an unusual uplifting touch. “Solar Reactor,” a slow, broken-beat track, is somewhere between Grey Area and the Autonomic drum & bass that gained Clements some new fans in 2010. It’s among his brightest and softest productions, and captures the many sides of his work—synthesized but emotional, heavy but featherweight.

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