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AUTECHRE | Draft 7.30 (Warp Records) – CD

Draft 7.30


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Draft 7.30 is the seventh album by the electronic music group Autechre. It was released by Warp Records in 2003. The name Draft 7.30 supposedly derives from the album being the 30th edited version of the album. The artwork for this album was created by Alex Rutterford. “Theme of Sudden Roundabout” refers to Sudden, which is in Rochdale, the duo’s hometown. “Reniform Puls” was used in a television advertisement for the LG U880 mobile phone.

Around the time of the album’s release, Sean Booth stated in an interview that “[rhythm] doesn’t seem to limit us in the way it did when we first started“.

The album received mixed to positive reviews from critics. Dominique Leone of Pitchfork Media said the album “doesn’t break much new ground“, but also thought that “Booth and Brown return to more straightforward grounds, even if they don’t quite reach their mid-90s peak as melodic technicians“. Pascal Wyse of The Guardian said, “Buried in this splintered, maths-driven world, down there with the metal insects, are shards of musical convention that keep a humanity alive“, adding that the music “becomes quite a beautiful picture of the chaos of your brain“.