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AUTECHRE | L-event (Warp Records) – CD



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  • Label: Warp Records
  • Catalog #: WAP345CD
  • Release date: 2013-10-28
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Product Description

Autechre follow their excellent ‘Exai‘ album with this four track brace of further productions. Two releases in one year is generous for the generally reclusive duo, and we should suspect that this’ll be our fill for a while to come judging by their usual release infrequency. So, what does it sound like? Like the last album, it’s relatively funky Autechre: ‘Tac Lacora‘ vaults and fragments in spine-reassembling spurts and spats, whereas ‘M39 Diffrain‘ is wormholing steppers’ techno concrète. ‘Osla for n‘ is purely awkward arrhythmia perhaps intended to re-programme your bones in 4D and ‘Newbound‘ offers some slightly more conventional harmonic and melodic comforts in their beautifully oblique manner..