Move Of Ten

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AUTECHRE | Move Of Ten (Warp Records) – CD

Move Of Ten


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  • Label: Warp Records
  • Catalog #: WAP505CD
  • Release date: 2010-07-12
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Product Description

Autechre, seemingly disregarding fans’ worries about quality control, issued the Move of Ten mini-LP just a few short months after the Oversteps LP, and virtually every track here could stand proudly on a full-length. If anything, the tracks on Move of Ten range farther than its companion LP, and with close to 50 minutes of music, it’s nearly as impressive an achievement as Oversteps. With just a few exceptions, it’s heavily percussive and effects-focused, although melodic undertones do emerge occasionally, as on the highlight, “nth Dafuseder.b.“.