Temporal Enhancement

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AUTISTICI | Temporal Enhancement (Dronarivm) – CD
AUTISTICI | Temporal Enhancement (Dronarivm) - CDAUTISTICI | Temporal Enhancement (Dronarivm) - CDAUTISTICI | Temporal Enhancement (Dronarivm) - CD

Temporal Enhancement


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Temporal Enhancement is a sonic exploration of the perception of time. Each sound is an event. Each event a ‘here and now’ perception, experienced and consigned to memory. Each sound exists in the ‘specious present’ and exists for a set duration before ending. Temporal space in between each sound populates the narrative of present and past. The brain relies on memory to bring order and meaning to the sequence and to notice changes across the passage of time. The experience of harmony or disharmony all depend on the placement of events, the spaces between these events and relation of each event to each other.

Temporal Enhancement brings together a range of abstract ambient, folk, microsound and modern classical influences to create its narrative. Audio artefacts are interwoven from a range of manmade and natural acoustic sources. Details are preserved or lost, clarified or confused through the compositional process. Each track is an offering, an invitation to join external signal and internal perception. In a world where the perception of time can be both a joyous or painful experience the sounds offer an insight into the human condition. Autistici works on the premise that the true and final experience of any sound belongs in the mind’s ear of the listener.

In the words of Francis Bacon: “Perhaps one day I will manage to capture an instant of life in all its violence and all its beauty.”


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