Orbiting Souls

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B12 | Orbiting Souls (Delsin Records) – Vinyl
B12 | Orbiting Souls (Delsin Records) - VinylB12 | Orbiting Souls (Delsin Records) - Vinyl

Orbiting Souls


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Delsin present a new EP by B12 aka Steve Rutter entitled Orbiting Souls, a name which comes from the fact the veteran artist has recently spent contemplating the loss of a friend and believes we are surrounded by lost souls and spirits.

This is B12‘s second EP this year following on from the Bokide 325 release on Soma Records and comes years after still acclaimed album like Electro-Soma and TimeTourist on Warp Records back in the 90s. Orbiting Souls is a somewhat complex journey, a representation of inner Bi Polar opposites; isolation; sadness, but also acknowledging the great and wonderful things around that swirl and support and energise us.


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