Totem EP

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BANKE | Totem EP (Token)

Totem EP


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Mysterious newcomer Banke delivers a profound debut for TOKEN81. The Totem EP‘s tempered sophistication and clear sense of purpose belies Banke‘s neophyte status, establishing him instead in the ranks of Token‘s most experienced artists in terms of skill and ingenuity.

Simenon‘s tense introduction is met with understated, yet unmistakable fragments of Detroit in the form of a hypnotic, high-end glissando, rolling drum work and built-up tasteful stabs. Cheerlead‘s delicate trill is mimicked and answered in a hypnotic call-and-response over a carefully measured low-end.

Totem, the title track, has a traditionalist opening that’s purposeful and composed, with Banke patiently building tension through his crafty and artful arrangement. An oddball breakdown of mind-bending synth work places the record firmly in the avant-garde, while its detailed percussion retains dancefloor functionality. Strattera‘s hyper-focused mid and off-beat brushing hi-hat opens out to become disorienting, multi-layered trip.