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Breaking Through – Various Artists (Antara AMB) – CD

Breaking Through


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This compilation Breaking Through is the product of an international collaboration of artists. A community and a philosophy Antara was created in England by Annemarie Borg. It brings together the original music of nine composers and the works of art, poems, and contributions of international poets writers and ecologists. Antara brings a fresh perspective on the meaning and place of creativity, in so far as it stresses the importance of reconnecting with Nature in an expression of personal responsibility.

In phase 1, the album Breaking Through of eclectic music introduces contemporary compositions in a very original yet congruent manner. We note the wonderful contribution of modern contemporary composer Marc Yeats, as well the exciting music of the Swiss jazz composer Nicolas Meier, an evocative piece Vol de Nuit by Montreal based composer Eric Lemieux, the French eclectic composers  Annemarie Borg, Julien Boulier, Robert Lignier, electronic artist and label manager Aes Dana and well known Spanish ambient composer Bruno Sanfilippo.

Audio mastering by Vincent Villuis | Ultimae Studio