Memory Imprints

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BURSTBOT | Memory Imprints (Köta Records) – Vinyl
BURSTBOT | Memory Imprints (Köta Records) - VinylBURSTBOT | Memory Imprints (Köta Records) - Vinyl

Memory Imprints


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Burstbot is a project of Marco Fierro, Mexico City-based musician, art director, designer and photographer. He has been making music by playing drums in grindcore, death metal and punk bands most of the 90’s. Then in this new century he got himself interested into free improvisation, drone, noise and ambient. Marco Fierro also started to experiment / taught himself to play synthesizer making it his main instrument nowadays.

The main idea of this album is to show some possible directions as a results of human cloning, expressed in the science fiction narrative. Music tries to present sonically an utopian society that desperately wants to achieve a state of stability, at the same time any loss of individuality during this action and rejecting of all natural-spiritual-cosmic processes are accepted. Human cloning’s answer for the main question of life is “maintenance of well-being”, but it forgets to pointed out what is human being itself.

As soon as individuality and emotions have been eliminated, the chain of dehumanization actions enter the field of art and personal expression. Since no one can express emotions in these new societies, individual expression is retarded. The lack of a cultural environment leads to the cultural infertility, artistic wasteland. This new human society sure has a very good things such as no war, or suffering or any social conflicts, little decease effect. But we claim that it is very high price for the no love, family, art, religion and history. There is only stability, identity and community.

“The album was composed, arranged, produced, recorded and mixed at GT Headquarters in Mexico City. Most of the compositions and arrangements were made at midnight because I find quite interesting and seductive the silence that prevails during of this time of a day. When I was composing, arranging, producing this album my main goal was to achieve musically a sound narrative that could at some point explain an idea without using words or convey a sense of human cloning and its consequences; yet the real difficulty laid in creating the whole album from musical fragments and samples.”


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