A Different Definition Of Love

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BVDUB | A Different Definition Of Love (Dronarivm) – CD

A Different Definition Of Love


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Brock Van Wey‘s bvdub project reaches its landmark 30th full-length album with a special tale of unexpected love and loyalty found, innocence lost, and the silent spaces that remain.

Black sky hides your stars,
Fall from the heavens with might,
Silent you arrive.
Giants in your path,
Perish those who stand opposed,
Felled by love they know.
Empty spaces yearn,
To know once again,
A lost yesterday.
Through sun and sands dry,
Oceans drown hearts of steel stars,
This place remembers.
We, unstoppable,
For now we know our two hearts,
No you, me, only us.
We fall together,
Pillars raise towers through sky,
We rise beyond all.