Perishable Tactics

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CARSTEN JOST | Perishable Tactics (Dial) – LP

Perishable Tactics


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Out of all of the Dial house and techno artists, Carsten Jost (David Lieske) has always represented the most precise brand of exquisitely doom-laden house, laced with equally strong doses of melancholy and beauty.

Of course diehard fans will find satisfaction knowing that Lieske‘s delectable angst hasn’t completely abated. Title track “Perishable Tactics” takes a disarmingly peaceful setting and rolls a heavy fog over it to herald a sure-to-arrive fate that awaits us all. But with “Dawn Patrol” the whispering hi-hat and gently clanking rhythm offset by rolling strings marries the old and new Carsten Jost most successfully. All of this atmosphere bookended by ambient intro and outro tracks by Misanthrope CA make for a perfectly foreboding, elegant and deliciously dark new album release.