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Magical Magical


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Born in 1991, Niklas Rehme-Schlüter aka Cass. only started self-releasing music in 2010. To date his work has been released on small tape and vinyl editions, with his new release for Home Normal being the first CD pressing of his work.
Featuring common collaborators Altars Altars, Miriam Jolene, Emily Cross, Emil Hewitt, Moritz Leppers, Magical Magical is a playful album of electronic music, brimming over with melodies, ideas, and youthful tenderness. A near filmic equivalent would perhaps be the work of Hayao Mi-yazaki with his focus on the hidden depths of spirit through the innocence of childhood. It marks quite the turn from his previously meditative work as seen in Loops & Farewell Sketches, and shows just how talented this super artist is.