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CERTAIN CREATURES | Nasadiya Sukta (Mysteries of the Deep) – LP
CERTAIN CREATURES | Nasadiya Sukta (Mysteries of the Deep) - LP

Nasadiya Sukta


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A voice in the ether. A calm, clement drone. A gentle, pulsing throb. Like the ghost of a forgotten future as imagined by the distant past, Certain Creatures sophomore LP Nasadiya Sukta is a study in timelessness — crystalline, heartfelt ambient music designed to push light through shadow.

CERTAIN CREATURES is the alias of Brooklyn-based artist Oliver Chapoy, and Nasadiya Sukta was crafted especially for Mysteries of the Deep. Divided into six tracks, Nasadiya coheres into a single extraterrestrial mass, its beautiful understated elegance encouraging repeat listens. Simultaneously harking back to ambient classics from the ’90s while cementing Chapoy as a visionary artist with his own unique voice, Nasadiya Sukta is one for the space travellers indeed.