Only Silence Remains

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CHRISTINE OTT | Only Silence Remains (Gizeh Records)

Only Silence Remains


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French composer and Ondes Martenot virtuoso, Christine Ott releases her first full-length album since 2009 and her debut record for Gizeh Records. Only Silence Remains is beautifully melodic and filled with mystery, seeing multi-instrumentalist Ott performing on a variety of different instruments throughout the record.

Ott‘s creations are nothing short of magical, with the piano taking centre stage throughout, accompanied perfectly by the Ondes Martenot, harmonium, tubular bells and percussion. This music is revelatory in its ability to transport you to another time or perhaps even another world. It’s nocturnal qualities coupled with subtle romance reveal an artist at the top of her game. Only Silence Remains seeps into your unconscious, and rewards with repeated listening.


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