Waters Above The Firmament

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R-55151CLAY RENDERING | Waters Above The Firmament
CLAY RENDERING | Waters Above The Firmament

Waters Above The Firmament


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This second EP from Mike and Tara Connelly‘s Clay Rendering follows on from their startling debut Nature’s Confusion and further evolves their songcraft through four pieces that draw you in with a slowly building emotive weight. References are hard to draw but the tracks here recall everything from Cocteau Twins and The Cranes at their most desolate to classic Sonic Youth, coloured and mis-shaped through abstract production assistance from Dominick Fernow and additional synth from Robert Beatty of Three Legged Race / Hair Police. ‘Waters Above The Firmament‘ and ‘Myrrh Is Rising‘ were written in the dead of winter…’The Pest‘ and ‘Temple Walking‘ in the heat of summer.


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