Winter Solstice Edition

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CODEX EMPIRE / MARMO | Winter Solstice (Khemia Records) – EP

Winter Solstice Edition


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Product Description

Khemia Records the new imprint from Kaos London announces the fourth and final edition in their current series. A limited edition, transparent vinyl (333 copies): The ‘Winter Solstice Edition‘ featuring Codex Empire and MARMO.

On the Solar side British born, Vienna based, industrial techno pioneer Codex Empire delivers ‘Sevde‘ an experiment in long-form techno written specially for the label. A massive, propulsive beast, punctured with hammered rhythms and sub-aquatic bleeps, a maelstrom of whiplash cracks, disembodied voices and electrostatic, reverberating across an insistent techno groove.
On The Lunar side MARMO present ‘Alchimia‘ a track written specially for this release. MARMO is a conceptual, straight-forward, complex music sculpture. ‘Alchimia‘ unfolds an epic sonic journey across vast swathes of desert.