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CONFORCE | Kinetic Image (Delsin) – CD

Kinetic Image


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Boris Bunnik has finished his third full-length album as Conforce. Entitled Kinetic Image, the ten-track album is released on Delsin following on from his standout offering, Escapism, back in 2011.

Kinetic Image, though, is the sound of Conforce producing without the dancefloor in mind. It’s the sound of him moving away from the past and into the present.

The album has very much been designed to be heard in one sitting, as a complete experience that moves away from regimented 4/4 beats and into slower, more surreptitious tempos.

The result is an all consuming sonic journey of intriguing and inspiring sounds that range from full on cerebral excursions into vast open spaces that throb invitingly to underwater daydreams that suspend you deep in an ocean as various mycobacterial details float by.


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