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CYSPE | After This World (Rhythm Büro Records) – EP

After This World


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Up next from the Rhythm Büro label is an EP from Cyspe, who might be better known as Robin Koek or for being one half of the almighty Dutch techno duo Artefakt.

RB003 marks a special occasion for the label in releasing a full EP from a single artist. After This World seems to proceed forward fittingly on the same path once paved by Cyspe‘s debut record Amnesia, released on Koek‘s own label, Insula, in 2014.

From the label’s inception, Koek has been a supporter and close friend of the Rhythm Büro team. Playing live at Rhythm Büro parties as Cyspe as well as live with Artefakt, the two have worked and partied close together. A release from Cyspe became a very welcome natural step for all.

A1 bursts open with Nexus, a cerebral-atmospheric-blanket of a dance track, arguably the strongest offering on After This World. Apparently, quite the story can be told in just seven and a half minutes for those attuned to listening. Mindscape comes next, providing a notably nice ambient contrast to its dance floor-feeding predecessor. A2 maintains a similar vein and flavor of the sublime, if not a further development toward the heavenly and spiritual.
The B-side proves to be a prime example of what ‘deeper techno’ is capable of: grooves that drive the dancer from this realm to the next. Both Earwitness and the title track are sure to be rich vehicles for those sacred ‘closed-eyes’ moments on the dance floor.