Comet Finder EP (Part 2)

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DAMON WILD | Comet Finder EP (Part 2) – Synewave

Comet Finder EP (Part 2)


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The second installment of Damon Wild‘s Comet Finder series takes off from Synewave with another four perspectives on cosmically-inclined techno from the long serving US producer.

Death Dive is an appropriate title for the edgy opening track, which keeps the rhythm section submerged and lets the bleeps do the talking. Black Lake heads into more experimental territory, using a crooked groove as a vessel for all kinds of wobbling frequencies picked up like errant microwaves fired across the solar system. Moonraker maintains the ominous atmosphere while plunging into a dense, rippling bed of blips and synth wriggles, and then Radars rounds the set off with a linear trip through space dust of the highest order.