Comet Finder EP (Part1)

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DAMON WILD | Comet Finder EP (Part1) – Synewave

Comet Finder EP (Part1)


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After dropping the Cosmic Path album on Infrastructure, US techno veteran Damon Wild returns to Synewave with some further ruminations on the relationship between space and electronics.

There’s a plethora of starry-eyed sounds to latch onto on Comet Finder, which launches with a shuddering rhythmic chassis and a galaxy of intertwining synth tones. Shadows takes things in a deeper, eerier direction, while Other Places drops back even further into a minimalist shaker laden with heavily reverbed acid blips. The ‘Muted Mix’ of Comet Finder is an icy, beatless flip of the lead track perfect for sending an interstellar chill out of the speakers.