Marriage Of Metals

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DANIEL MENCHE | Marriage Of Metals (Editions Mego) – LP

Marriage Of Metals


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In its history throughout millennia it is fair to say the Gamelan has never had an encounter quite like this. ‘Marriage of Metals‘ is a devastating extension of the harmonic properties found in the instruments of Indonesia. Menche was granted access to a remarkable Gamelan studio where he was given full privilege to record any and all of these rare and ancient gongs. Most notably the gigantic ‘Gong Ageng‘ that’s contains the deepest of deep of acoustic bass. Daniel Menche took the raw source material from this Gamelan gong session and launches into a heavily processed yet surprisingly sympathetic 21st Century take on this unique instrument. ‘Marriage of Metals‘ comprises two side long works where the purity of the sound source exists amongst the entire din. Metallic rhythms bounce alongside synthetic pops swaying from reality to fantasy, from pure acoustic tonality to fuzzed out distorted clatter. A distant feedback squall is teased amongst the foreground creating a clamorous din.
Equal parts curious, engaging and groundbreaking. Menche, like Philip Corner before him extends the language of the Gamelan into brave new worlds. Out of the extensive discography of Daniel MencheMarriage of Metals‘ stands out as his most elegant and graceful recordings yet still staying within the grit and grime of his sonic garden.
This recording would not exist without the generosity of THE VENERABLE SHOWERS OF BEAUTY Gamelan ensemble located at Lewis and Clark College, Portland Oregon.
Artwork for Marriage of Metals was created from renowned artist/musician: Faith Coloccia.