Modulated Waves

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DINO SABATINI | Modulated Waves (Outis Music) – EP

Modulated Waves


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The two tunes you find in this debut EP have been fully written and produced by Dino Sabatini in his studio in Berlin.

Modulation A may be a perfect introduction for the journey. It is a dense, tense ride into a liquid atmosphere of a techno playground. Far to be aggressive, though. Go through it, and you´ll get the essence of Outis label.

Modulation B can be taken as a tool, yet totally undependent by its brother. As a “standalone” track, it can bring the dancefloor into an evanescent state of ghostly fog, self-spreading all around you. But when played over another track, it´s capable of adding the spiral touch of a transparent radiation, like being in a boundless land you´ve never been before