Diary Of My Misanthropy

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DJ DATCH | Diary Of My Misanthropy (No Way Records) – EP

Diary Of My Misanthropy


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After the ep Atlantis released in 2019, the producer Dj Datch returns to No Way Records with Diary of my Misanthropy. The ep consists of two original and two remixes entrusted to the expert hands of Steve Parker and Ruhig.

The song that gives the EP its name is pure plastic and monolithic techno, where a hypnotic bassline wraps itself sinuously around a martial and pressing rhythm. Steve Parker reinterprets Diary of my Misanthropy giving it less dark shades while preserving the hypnotic ecstasy of the original intact. The nocturnal atmospheres characterize Decompression, according to the original of the ep, where a pad of Morodian memory accompanies a dusty drum machine. Ruhig‘s remix is an overwhelming surf on the sine waves of an electronic ocean.