Fresh Insights Ep 2

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DJ SPRINKLES & MARK FELL | Fresh Insights Ep 2 (Comatonse Recordings)

Fresh Insights Ep 2


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DJ Sprinkles serves alternate, killer mixes of his massive Fresh Insights session with Mark Fell (and Tony Benn).

The future-classic B-side, Fresh is given a slinkier rub-down by the Tokyo-based artist, propping *that* rousing speech by Socialist firebrand Tony Benn on a subtly reshuffled groove that surely marks up as one of the biggest deep house curveballs since, oh, at least their Complete Spiral EP starring Arthur Scargill in 2012.

Flipside, Insight is also given the alternate DJ Sprinkles mix treatment, shying away from the sharper hi-hats of the original mix with Mark Fell in favour of supple congas and louche bass linked with a web of gossamer keys and beckoning diva coos.