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DON’T DJ | Laniakea (Honest Jon’s Records) – 2xLP



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Mesmerising rhythms and mutant electronic brilliance from Don’t DJ, doing it for the veterans at Honest Jon’s.

An absolute master of rhythmic patience and sleight of hand, Don’t DJ presents some of his very slinkiest, winking and infectious grooves in the Laniakea set. Leading on from last year’s double-pack with Berceuse Heroique and a split with Bear Bones, Lay Low, he appears ever more confident to let the rhythm ride, using only the most minimal nudges and tonal gestures to keep listeners entranced.

On disc 1 he wickedly, subtly accentuates dembow drums with roving modular bassline until a rudely acidic denouement makes it a straight-up winner, while the B-side segues from craggy noise into pulsing, needlepoint Afro-latin rhythms stroked over with looming pads to deliciously darkside effect. Disc 2 follows with the EP’s straightest playing an offset hustle of 4/4 kicks and grubbing percussion, developing into phasing, glassy motifs, and finishes with an exquisite turn of crystalline dancehall torque, nosedrip tang and loping ambient groves. A quiet genius at work, deep in the pocket.