Serum / Venom

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DORISBURG | Serum / Venom (Mountain Explosion Device) – EP
DORISBURG | Serum / Venom (Mountain Explosion Device) - EP

Serum / Venom


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Dorisburg‘s first missive since his debut album, Irrbloss, is the most deadly distillation of his talents yet. Hypnotic basslines ripple out into grand atmospheric journeys, “Venom” for the black of night, “Serum” with a hint of light on the horizon.

Dorisburg journeys further into the night on Venom, his first record of 2017, and it quickly found its way to Kalawila’s label Mountain Explosion Device, due to the two artists having a long standing friendship that developed into a joint view of texture and sonic emotion. Having found its home, Venom burrows deep into an underground cavern, bass pulses dripping like stalactites into endless black pools of atmosphere.

You journey for hours and end up in the same place. And then, just when you’ve resigned yourself to endless night, “Serum” is a glint of sunlight in the dark, a hint of Dorisburg‘s reserved optimism. You can heal yourself as long as you keep moving.