Never Forget Us : Blue Edition

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EARTH HOUSE HOLD | Never Forget Us (ASIP) – 2xLP
EARTH HOUSE HOLD | Never Forget Us : Blue Edition (ASIP) - 2xLPEARTH HOUSE HOLD | Never Forget Us (ASIP) - 2xLP

Never Forget Us : Blue Edition


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But I believe above all that I wanted to build the palace of my memory, because my memory is my only homeland.
Anselm Kiefer

Brock Van Wey (bvdub) revives his cult Earth House Hold alias for A Strangely Isolated Place, with his slow-burning, House-music-inspired, long play, ‘Never Forget Us’.

A noticeably deeper and more evocative evolution from the first Earth House Hold release, Brock has built an album focused on progression, starting with deep, slow-churning ambient cuts, gradually introducing House elements as the album evolves. Using only instruments and sounds from the early House-era, as is the ethos of Earth House Hold, Brock builds an effortlessly sequenced collage of deep, mystifying, and emotional pieces, combining his signature ghostly vocals with rumbling off-kilter bass-lines and slowly rising atmospheres.

As with many of Brock’s productions, ’Never Forget Us’ is an ode to some of the many memories and experiences that helped influence the producer he is today. From his trademark ambient epics, to his unique brand of ambient house, each reflecting his history, forever lingering in his years DJ-ing ambient chill rooms and deep house basement affairs beginning nearly thirty years ago . With the return of Earth House Hold, the story is told not only through the reflective nature of the music, or the collage of original pin-hole photographs taken by his good friend Mamii, but the mutual appreciation for a sound from years gone-by, brought to life again, yet living its own life, in a way only someone like Brock could.

Never Forget Us’ will be available on April 9th, in both transparent-blue (300 copies) and black (200 copies) .