Her Name in a Language of Stars

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ENDLESS MELANCHOLY | Deluxe Edition : Her Name in a Language…(Hidden Vibes) – CD

Her Name in a Language of Stars


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Factory-pressed CD in a dark blue paper sleeve with silver lettering.

Dreamy and textural, Endless Melancholy’s fourth full-length release, Her Name in a Language of Stars, sweeps over the ears like a gossamer blanket. Already about 47 minutes, a respectable album length, Her Name in a Language of Stars is fleshed out to just over an hour with three bonus remixes by Benoît Pioulard, Wil Bolton, and Desolate Horizons. The new album extends Endless Melancholy’s self-billed “minimal piano and ambient sounds” with cinematic soundsweeps and a dash of post-rock noise. It’s an album whose listenability and gentle movement, in the end, outweigh its flaws.

Her Name In A Language Of Stars is an incredible world of bristling ambient textures and delectable piano led melodies contained neatly within six beautiful, original compositions and three innovative remixes. It’s the perfect continuation of Sakevych’s art, which sees the same brilliant spirit developed into a refined palette of evocative tones, and it’s simply breathtaking.”
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