Enjoy The Silence Vol.3

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Enjoy The Silence Vol.3


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A touch of classical music, left field electronics, ambient love affairs, and discreet dubby house emotions without a kick drum: the third instalment of Mule Musiq‘s famed Enjoy the Silence sampler serial swings gentle, tricky, and multidimensional. Already twice before the label from Tokyo delivered compilations full of music by contemporary artists that explore sounds beyond the common definition of ambient. This time the atmosphere is focusing on avant-garde textures that got a touch of very diverse genres and styles. What all tracks have in common: they spread music that allows the listener to stop time and reflect on things. As Mule Musiq always been a label that got some core artists once again Koss, Lawrence, and DJ Sprinkles aka Terre Thaemlitz are part of a dovelike sound cruise that allows you to be in many spaces and places at the same time. Beside them some new names on the label like Vermont, Recondite, Petre Inspirescu, or John Roberts deliver musical voyages that seem to be produced by unique subconscious decisions and not by assembly line craftsmanship for art.

Altogether ten tracks by nine children of Brian Eno, Cluster, Arvo Pärt, and Steve Reich, who all express something honest and unsophisticated while using their machines and instruments in a heartfelt way. That is why Enjoy The Silence Vol.3 bewitches in its overall atmosphere as a passionate laid-back musical statement for a world with so much noise, in which we all appreciate a bit of silence to which we can enjoyable listen for hours and hours.