Escape To The Skyline

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EXPERIMENTS IN SILENCE | Escape To The Skyline (…txt) – CD

Escape To The Skyline


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Experiments in Silence is easily one of the more interesting new names on the ambient scene. Also known as Spatialize, Cornwall-based Neil Butler is no stranger to psychedelic soundscapes. Deep basses, slow pulsing synths and low key beats provide a rhythmic structure, the arctic atmopsheres and fractured textures add a darkly beautiful edge. Neil has also worked with Ishq on a few projects.

Escape to the Skyline inhabits a rarified place where aerial atmospheres evolve and dissolve effortlessly into synthetic pulses and subtle structures. Drifting analog synthesis merges beautifully with granular sampling and crystalline production to make this the deepest, the densest and most sonically rich EiS adventure so far.